Room Rates

Courtyard at the Son Rise Mission Inn

We have three plans for those wanting to stay at Son Rise Mission Inn.

Plan #1.

We call this plan staying for free. That’s because you will not pay us for anything directly, anything you do use or purchase will be at your cost. You will be responsible for your own provisioning, cooking and cleaning. Before you arrive and when you leave, we will read the power meter and you will pay directly for your power usage (electricity is extremely expensive on Roatan, so anything you can do to conserve would be a very good idea).

If you wish to pay someone to come in and clean for you, we can introduce you to folks who could certainly use the work. When you leave, you will be responsible for paying the laundry bill. We will be happy to supply you with transportation to and from the airport plus anywhere else you wish to go and only ask that you purchase the fuel.

Regular Hotel Room at Son Rise

At the end of your stay, should you wish to leave a donation to help us continue to run the Inn as well as the church, we can give you a tax receipt in exchange for your funds. We only ask that you pray and ask God to tell you what you should give.

Plan #2.


If you are bringing a team of 30 or more people, or if you can book us with at least 30 people over a month’s time, we can open the Inn to you at the rate of $60 per person. The reason we would need this many people over the course of a month is that we would need to renew our license and pay taxes on your food (at 12%) and housing (at 16%). This rate covers three meals and lodging per day. The value of the meals is $25.00 and of the lodging $35.00, to help you calculate what the taxes will be.

Helping Out

On this plan, cleaning, cooking and provisioning, and laundry and transportation are all included as well as electricity. However, once again, with the incredibly high rate we are charged for power, some 5 times as much as in the US, we would greatly appreciate your efforts at conservation.

Plan #3.

For people who are coming with a small group and who prefer to spend their time ministering while we take care of everything else, this plan costs $75 per person, per day. This rate allows us to cover the cost of our licenses and taxes even with a small team. Once again, food value is $25.00 with $50.00 going towards lodging. We will also be happy to provide transportation for you, when you want to enjoy one of our fine beaches, eat a meal out, or minister to people elsewhere on the island. Donations are still greatly appreciated.