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Other Local Mission Opportunities

There are many ways to contribute to Roatan other than what we do at Calvary Chapel. Check out what one Islands magazine journalist found: islands.com/articles/best-islands-to-retire-on-roatan. It will give you his thoughts on how people can get involved who live and spend time here.

Below we have outlined some of the island projects that seem to be of real help to locals: projects that would welcome any help you can give.

At Clinica Esperanza

Clinica Esperanza

Started a few years ago by “Nurse Peggy”, this clinic serves the Sandy Bay community (where SonRise is located) five days a week. Medical professionals donate their time, and many fund raisers take place on the island to help support this worthwhile activity. Locals are charged about $3.50 for a visit that includes medication if needed. If you don’t want to wait and you can afford it, for 500 lemps ($25) you get priority treatment and help out clinic funding at the same time. At any given time various doctors, dentists, medical students, and nurses donate their services. Visit Clinica Esperanza Website

Children’s Home

Just down the road from SonRise is a large home that began as an orphanage. Most of the children living there actually do have parents; the parents just don’t take care of them. Their fathers may have abandoned them. Their mothers may be prostitutes. In any case, the home houses 12-15 children. If you enjoy children, the house parents could certainly use a break any time you want to help out or assist in entertaining with after school activities. Visit Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries Website

The Daycare Center

The Daycare Center

Roatan Daycare Center

Located in the center of the most populated town on Roatan, Coxen Hole, is a place where single mothers can leave their children while they earn enough to (barely) support their family. The children receive instruction and lunch. If you like involving small children in crafts or other interactive forms of entertainment, this might be the place for you. Visit Roatan Daycare Center Website

Vacation Bible School

VBS at Son Rise

If you have a curriculum and a little experience, you can bring the light of the gospel into the lives of children while you are on Roatan. VBS can be conducted at SonRise, in la colonia, or in someone’s house who lives nearby. If you make relationship with one of the local schools, often they will welcome you there as well. The island is very Christianized, unlike the US and Canada, and schools welcome bible teaching.

Teachers Needed

Speaking of schools, the education system on Roatan is one of the worst in the world, much worse than Mexico, for example. Children miss more days of school than they attend. And so often do teachers (strikes are very popular here). You may not feel you are able to do much while you are here, but anything you can teach a young one will be something they didn’t know before.

Dump Ministry

Dump Ministry

Sadly, one of the places people live on Roatan is in the dump. They actually are an industrious group that collects recyclable products and sells them to make enough to support themselves. If you have a desire to reach the truly down and out with the gospel, with a meal, or with clothing or other goods we can drive you to the dump in a matter of 5-7 minutes.


Island Creations

Island Creations are made right here on Roatan, at SonRise Mission Inn. Your purchases help support a local Honduran family who lives across the street and up the mountain in La Colonia.

Steel Pan Alley

Steel Pan Alley

A unique opportunity for those with musical talents might be with Miss Deborah and her steel band. Go to www.steelpanalley.com for more ideas on how you may be of help.

Animal Ministry

Some folks have a heart for animals. Not so with most Hondurans who often compete with dogs for a scrap of meat. Dogs, especially, run rampant on this island, being kicked and abused and mainly neglected so that they are barely skin and bones. One of our expats has a heart for these animals and is putting together funds to begin an animals shelter. She would be more than happy to have your assistance.

Police Station

A country without an infrastructure is how Honduras might be described, with Roatan the poor cousin of those on the mainland. Fortunately some expats have tried to make a difference here. One of their projects has been to help local police so that they can do some sort of a job keeping the law. The local Rotary Club spearheads assistance by providing police cars, running water and toilets in police stations, plus accommodations for extra personnel sent over from the mainland during the island’s busy season. They will welcome any help you wish to give.

All of these links are to organizations that have programs known for their great benefits to the people of Honduras.
However, having their link here is not in anyway an endorsement of their Spiritual beliefs from us at Calvary Chapel Roatan.
We affirm that the Bible is the only infallible, complete, final and enduring Word of God.
We recommend that you test all things by the Bible (1 Thessalonians 5:21) and do not be deceived by destructive doctrine (see 2 Peter 2:1-3).
Some of these projects may even be run by non-believers, but we can be a Light of Truth wherever we tread.

Lovingly and sincerely,
Pastor Ivon, Calvary Chapel Roatan