Ministry Updates – Medical Team Teaches About Nutrition and Hygiene

Julissa learns proper handwashing

Julissa learns proper handwashing

Recently a medical team from Canada came to Calvary Chapel to teach the teen girls group about the importance of good hygiene, complete with practice in proper handwashing techniques. The girls laughed when the team began singing “happy birthday” while Julissa washed her hands. They learned that the length of time it takes to sing that song is the length of time necessary for a thorough handwashing.


Studying Nutrition Charts

The team also talked about good nutrition and gave each girl a chart to record what she had eaten the day before to compare with the recommended food groups and servings. The team brought a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables along and soon had the girls busy chopping. Chef Alvin, who is also studying to be a nutritionist, showed them how to make simple, delicious dishes. They really enjoyed eating their creations!

This team repeated their presentation for the Spanish women’s bible study group a few days later, once again emphasizing the importance of proper hand washing and the basics of good nutrition.