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Island Creations Ministry Opportunity

Island Creations are made right here on Roatan, at Sonrise Mission Inn. Your purchases help support a local Honduran family who lives across the street and up the mountain in La Colonia.

island creations - caribbean girlCARIBBEAN GIRL
The Caribbean Girl line features an array of jewelry, clothing, accessories, souvenirs and novelties that are hand-crafted by local island women.

Honduras, like most of Central America, is a very poor country, heavily populated and with few ways for people to make an income even at the mainland’s minimum wage of around $2.00 per hour. As a result, people looking for a way to support themselves have taken a 30 mile ferry ride to Roatan, a tourist destination, in hopes of finding work and sending what little they can share back to the mainland to help their families.

However, most of these people speak no English, have little education, and possess few skills. In addition, the island’s economic slowdown has had a huge impact on its economy.¬† These days thousands of people on Roatan have no way to support themselves and no means to return to the mainland.

With property near the ocean being the most valuable, these Honduran immigrants have settled on the mountainsides in shelters that are susceptible to mudslides during the torrential rainy season. Many are also without potable water.

Please know that anything you purchase is not for profit and could be feeding a family that otherwise has to do without.

Your Personal Touch

Maybe you have “craft-y” skills and could help train on new products and/or come up with ideas. ¬†Materials are lovely when they are donated as well.

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