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ISLAND CREATIONS GIFT SHOP at Sonrise Mission Inn, Sandy Bay, Roatan

at Sonrise Mission Inn, Sandy Bay, Roatan

After Calvary Chapel Roatan began in 200the Lord through this church helped provide for new believers through a food ministry, education for children in bilingual schools, better and safer housing, and English classes, and lives began improving. But there still was no work on the island. And these Latinos as a whole are industrious, hard workers.

To help our congregation find ways to support themselves, Island Creations was initiated as an on site gift shop in 2013. Ladies in our church were taught to craft jewelry and make lovely goods out of fabric . Most recently popular are beach bags, cosmetic bags, glasses cases, and shoulder strap purses. Honduras is known as a country that manufactures a lot of clothing. The ladies in Roatan have shown a natural aptitude for these products. At present, the Island Creations gift shop is open only when we have a bilingual
person to man it as a volunteer. However, these lovely products are sold at five other gift shops on the island as well as at shops in the U.S.

Please know that anything you purchase is not for profit and could be feeding a family that otherwise has to do without. You truly are contributing to something worthwhile, as well as taking home a genuine “made on the island of Roatan” souvenir. Thank you!


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Caribbean Girl Crafts and Jewelry

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If you are coming to Roatan as part of a team and you have extra room in your luggage, we often need help bringing fabric to the island or returning products to the U.S. Or perhaps you would like to donate fabric. The bags and other products that sell the best are made from indoor/outdoor fabric from Go online and take a look at what they have available. If you can come up with something comparable we would be forever grateful to you.

While you are staying at Sonrise, please let someone know if you would like to look at product that is currently available. It would be best if someone who oversees the ministry shows it to you. Just ask anyone who speaks English at the church how to get in touch with that person.
Then load up – remember every souvenir you take home is greatly helping one of our faithful families. You could also volunteer to help out in the gift shop during your stay.


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