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Calvary Chapel, Roatan Ministry Opportunities

La Colonia Spills Down A Mountainside

La Colonia Spills Down A Mountainside

We like to think of our church as a slice of heaven. We have white people, black people, brown people, English speakers, Spanish speakers, and those with island pidgin. Our Sunday services are conducted in Spanish with English translation.


Over the years and thanks to the body of Christ, clean water has been provided for the colonia; food, clothing and houses for the needy.  Spondors have helped children learn English in bilingual schools while training in crafts and sewing have provided income for mothers.  The result has been many new disciples and even more coming to Christ.

As times change, peoples’ lives have improved and the needs at our inn have changed as well.  If you are planning a missions trip here, please check out current opportunities to see if you’d like to come alongside to help.



Do you have an interesting career?  If you would like to tell others about what you do and how you do it, consider coming to the island to inspire others for a career in your area.  Help is urgently needed right now so the men in our body can learn how to support themselves and their families, especially since construction has slowed so much on the island.

Short Term Missions

Come, planning to share about why you love your occupation, the education needed to get a job like yours, the perseverance required to excel.  Who knows what heart God will touch with a new vision?  Our young people especially need father figures who can give them hope for the future.

Longer Missions

Maybe you’ve already shared about your career during a short term mission and seen hearts touched.  Now are you ready to spend a few weeks or months, consider providing training our men for a trade.  Who me?  Yes, you!  The island desperately needs North American quality electricians, plumbers, mechanics, carpenters, septic specialists, landscapers, pool people, even refrigeration specialists, but we have no trade school.  You could be God’s way of providing a lifetime of work for someone with access to share Jesus while they are working.



We are always looking for strong Christians with proven character who are bilingual and can translate from Spanish to English.  If you are coming as part of a team for week or so, please let us know in advance so we can schedule you in here or there as translation is needed.  If you are interested in a longer term mission and can translate as well as help in other areas, we will definitely give you priority.

Making Repairs at the Inn


We are grateful for the many teams who have come to Roatan to build homes in La Colonia. However, for this mercy ministry to continue, the SonRise Inn itself needs help from more than one team per year with the ability to repair floors, roofs and ceilings; do plumbing and electrical; do appliance repair, etc.  A facility such as ours needs continual maintenance and upgrading. Anything you enjoy doing along these lines: woodwork, painting, electrical and plumbing, would be greatly appreciated.

Please consider spending your time on Roatan working at the SonRise facility so we can continue to house church and teams that come to help. A few years ago, visiting teams helped build a new sanctuary that houses more than 300 people.  Our beautiful meeting place is still in good shape, praise God. Now the rooms and cooking facilities are what mostly need help.



We make regular visits to the colonia where many of our people live, as well as to other locales. Being bilingual would be a huge help if you’re interested in outreach. If you feel called to share the gospel, there are many opportunities to do so among the colonia people as well as those who live around the Inn building and even those who attend our services.

Food Ministry Helps Families Survive

Food Ministry Helps Families Survive


In 2008 when the worldwide economic downturn began, this island was hit very hard. It wasn’t long before we realized we had to do everything we could to help. God provided for us to begin putting together bags of food materials: rice, beans and a few other essentials so that our people had something to eat. They, in return, love to give back to God by serving at the church in cooking, cleaning and doing odd jobs.   If you have the ministry of giving, we request that you check with us before dispensing goods that you bring with you so that your gift can be optimized and those who are the most needy can be prioritized.

Leading Worship


If you are a pastor, a bible teacher, a worship leader or have an exciting testimony, be sure to let us know ahead of time. We are always interested in God sending someone to spice up our Sunday morning 10:00 a.m. worship and Wednesday night 7:00 p.m.



Even in a third world country, technology is necessary these days.  However finding folks knowledgeable in these areas can be a challenge.  Are you accomplished in social media or website design/maintenance or audio visual equipment?  How about sound equipment?  So far we have been limping along in these areas, but some help and/or training by experts would be very welcome.



Almost everyone who attends our church has little or no income.  They tithe what they can, and God blesses them for whatever they can give. Our Sunday offering, however, usually does not even cover the electricity for the week’s services. So you can see that anything you feel led to give to this church to help us continue serving the beautiful people of Roatan will be a huge blessing. You may be tempted to give directly to members of the congregation or to others on the island, and you may even be approached and asked to help. You are, of course, welcome to do as you feel God leads. However, it is always best to get some information first by talking to our pastors and receiving their input on whether you will be helping or hindering what He is doing in someone’s life.

Painting and Making Repairs


God has given so many parts of His body so many wonderful gifts – teaching men and women, healing and prophecy, working miracles, deliverance and much else. If you want to bring your experience and gifts in one or more of these areas to our church, we would love to have you be a part of what we are doing. However, we do ask that you first check with our pastors so that you are under their covering when you attempt to minister to our flock.