About Us

In 2005 Chuck and Tia Laird arrived on Roatan from Northern California. They purchased a defunct motel on the main Roatan road in Sandy Bay, turning it into a church facility and mission inn (Sonrise). The church began shortly after the Lairds arrived, with Chuck pastoring. As a side mission, the Lairds provided clean water to the colonia across the street.  After eight years building up the church, Chuck and Tia returned to help their son, Clinton and his wife Sarah, with a church plant in Oshkosh, WI. “Calvary SonRise Oshkosh”.  After helping get this fellowship secured in a building  Chuck and Tia had a great opportunity to work and continue to serve the Lord in Point Roberts, WA. Here they now have a home fellowship. Before they left, God impressed upon them the importance of the church being run as well as attended by locals. The church is now led by Pastor Ivon Suazo and his wife Ismelda.

Gradually more and more local young men are getting saved, getting married, receiving bible educations, and getting lots of experience serving and preaching in the church.

Currently, Chuck and Tia are still on the church board, along with Ivon, Chuck’s pastor-son Clint Laird, Pastor Brian Phillips of Roanoke, Virginia, and long time elders Snider and Lynne Vick.  Ivon is assisted by Pastor Saul who spent 3 years in El Salvador with Ivon at the CC Pastor training seminary.