Visit Us In Roatan

5-colonia-child-HomeHave you ever wondered what would happen if you said, “Here I am Lord … send me”?

Does the idea frighten you?

For most people, the idea of going to a foreign country to bring aid to suffering millions is too overwhelming to consider. But we have an easy way for you to get started. Consider coming to Roatan, a beautiful Caribbean island off the coast of Central America. It is surrounded by a gorgeous coral reef covered by crystal clear water. We have lots of opportunity to help others and to have fun as well.

Helping Out – Building Project

It’s hard to imagine a tropical paradise as anything but a vacation spot, but Roatan has real need. We invite you to come and do a VBS or sports camp, build a house or lay a water line, work in a medical clinic or fix a young boy’s smile. Our mission is to accommodate and facilitate missions teams for the improvement of the spiritual and physical health of Honduras. The proceeds of the Son Rise Missionary Inn help support the missionaries and ministries of Calvary Chapel Roatan, whose vision is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry by teaching the Word of God.

The Son Rise Missionary Inn is an easy way to introduce yourself to the idea of helping others in a hands-on environment where any little thing you do can make a huge difference.

Current History

Son Rise offers people from first world cultures a place to stay while you step through into the world of missions. It’s not too far from home (a three hour flight from Houston, two hours from Miami) and in many ways it’s not that different from home either, especially at the Inn. Because Roatan is a tourist destination, you will feel comfortable enjoying the same kind of activities you might find at any vacation spot in the world. And yet, it’s a completely different culture than most people are used to if you haven’t yet been on the mission field.

6-opportunities-to-helpHelp Is Needed – Las Colonias

If you have been on a short missions trip or if you have taken day trips to Mexico to help out in the barrios, perhaps Roatan should be your next stop. Once here, you will not yet need to become immersed in the culture, but you’ll have an excellent introduction to what opportunities exist on this island to help the many thousands who were not born into privilege. You can even lend a hand while you’re here.

Rest and Relax on the Beach

R & R

Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation too, even if we have dedicated our vacation time to helping others. One of Roatan’s biggest benefits is the chance to explore the offshore reef that surrounds this beautiful island. Many vacationers come here just to enjoy the white sand beaches, to snorkel and dive, to zip line through the forest, to learn about our unusual flora and fauna, or to kick back with a book in the sun. There is no reason you can’t enjoy whichever of these activities strikes your fancy, while you’re here and you’re welcome to join in to make a difference at the same time.